Much Mirth?

I hope you all are not seeking to live in mirth
Rather than seeking to know Christ after the re-birth.
Why should we be about much play,
when we ought to know His way.
Are you resisting correction,
rather than seeking the resurrection?
does not come by articulation
or even argumentation.
only by disinfection.
so don’t believe in the misconception.
That mirthing
rather than re-birthing
is the way.

Ecc. 2

For this is also what Paul says,
Rather than beating at the air,
aim for something higher.
A hope and a promise.
Rather than what Solomon says,
 that only brings despair.
The best is not in pleasure, but in subjection.
To the One who brought to us the Resurrection.





One thought on “Much Mirth?

  1. Not many have come to see the dawn, whereby the Cross HE was nail and cursed and Died and YEA! Risen and ever since from Whence has shone.
    Not many can know, how Great is THY Mercy, lest the Father Draw them they will only seek aimless as the continuous thirsty.
    The way is STRAIT not Straight as most have said, and there are few who carry onwards and into by His Power to find it.
    Not many can Know, of this grace truth so sure, but HIS Remnant He leads them according to HIS Purpose and For HIS Glory His Children WILL go.

    Really appreciated your post here today, it is encouraging and presents His Strong Surety.

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