Are you a victim?

Realistically, there are two ways to look at ourselves. Some look at themselves as a victim of circumstance or situation. Others look at that same circumstance or situation and see Christ.

It is true, that we are victims. Victims of a fallen world. Jesus says that in this world we will experience “tribulation”. Even the entire earth is waiting in expectation when all shall be made right again, and all that is sinful in this world will be put away. In Christ we have been given the way out of sin. (Rom. 5:12-19) And one day there will be no more travail of the flesh awaiting to bear the Spirit fully.

For since by man came death, by man came also the resurrection of the dead.  For as in Adam all die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive. 1Co 15:21,22

When we look at the “beggarly elements”(Gal 4:9) of this world we become “victims” again. But if we through the hope of the Spirit, press on to become PERFECT in His Spirit, we will receive the working of His Spirit and be lifted up to see Him more.

 When we look toward the earthly, we will be earthly. But if we seek that which is of the Spirit, which is Christ, we will become like Him in Spirit.

The following is a text message that was sent out by Alan Martin.

“Beware of THE SELF -PIT -Y! Scripture warns that a man who digs a “PIT” will fall into it. This is very true of the SELF – PIT – Y. It would be helpful to learn how to recognize when we are digging our own SELF – PIT -Y. No one digs this pit while looking upward, to dig a pit one must face the earth. That’s the first indicator – we are not receiving wisdom from above. Wisdom from below is “earthly, soulish, and demonic.” We start digging a pit for ourselves every time we take our eyes off the answer and become convinced we must remove the problem ourself. Then we start “digging” for earthly answers in the carnal mind – using carnal tools. This always results in a lot of dirt getting all over ourselves and almost always others as well. We tend to ask others to inspect our work while we’re digging and will often invite them to help speed our cause. Eventually we discover that we are going in the wrong direction (down – not up). This will happen the moment we recognize that we have to look UP to see daylight. That’s when we realize we have fallen into our SELF-PITY. There is one great benefit from this SELF-PITY position – we are able to get a reality check on how low we really are. In lowliness it is much easier to humble ourselves and receive grace. So next time we feel the urge to start digging – check the direction of our focus. If we don’t look down we can’t start digging. “Thou will keep in PERFECT PEACE him whose mind is steadfast because he’s FIXED ON THEE!” “


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