Sick or lazy?

In a situation at work, while working the night shift, I had a lady come to me complaining about some things and seeking just for someone “to listen” to her. She came in to the nursing home fully independent, mostly doing everything on her own without the help of the nursing staff except with minor things. However, within that week she was having some physical problems with her heals and was unable to walk anymore until it was healed up. She was saying to me that night (this was 2am, mind you, she was pretty anxious about it!) about how some people were making her do things that she was unable to do. For instance, that she could get up and walk her self she just was not “trying” hard enough. Basically, that she was being lazy. And also that, when she was given a shower the previous day, she was told she could do most of it herself and did not need the nursing staff help. This same lady may have been needing some extra help this week, I was not sure of the situation!

So when Day Shift came on, I told the nurse what she told me, and I quickly found out where the pushing to be more independent came from! πŸ™‚ The nurse thought that she was being perhaps lazy, and really did not need the help. And she may have been right, I am not sure. I have not worked the day shift with this lady that week.

However, this began me to think even with dealing with others. Are their spiritual ailments due to really being sick or just pure laziness? What is the root cause? Or maybe it is both?

The Bible tells us to be “diligent” and Jesus even rebukes the “slow in heart” and the “unbelieving” will be cast into Hellfire.

But the sick laying on the mat until Jesus came to heal them, surely were not being lazy, but were seeking healing and even jumped at the chance to receive it when Jesus came. It was not until the “Light” was shown upon them that they had no way out of their ailments.

So let us learn to discern, when to rebuke because of unbelief, and when to show compassion and concern upon an individual. There may even be a need for both in the same person. But let us do all necessary to help this person to stand. Not letting unbelief stand a chance and having healing hands that bring about power to overcome.

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