On Guarding Your Heart

I have often heard that “one must guard their heart.” And it is usually in the context of male-female relationships, but is this the only time we are to guard our hearts?

The Bible tells us in Song of Solomon, not to open love before it is time. If we did this it would be “concupiscence,”(Col 3:5) which in the greek is  “a longing (especially for what is forbidden): – concupiscence, desire, lust (after). ” or ” to set the heart upon.”

If our longing is pure, we do not long for it beyond what the Lord has allowed for us at that time. But only ask for His will in the matter. For instance, 2 Sam 2:4-10 and Job 1:21,”He gives and He takes away”.

So, is this the only place that we need to guard our hearts? Eph. 6:14, “having on the breastplate of righteousness.” A breastplate in battle was to protect the inner organs, as spiritually the “breastplate of righteousness” is to protect the inward workings of the Lord in  us. If we allow anything to distract us, it could cause us to fall into this sin of concupiscence, among other sins. So “let us hold fast the profession of our faith” (Heb. 10:23), looking unto the author of our salvation.  To love the world and its sins thereof is to be an enemy to God. So while living in this world, we are given hope to eternal salvation in which guarding our hearts will no longer be necessary, but until that day it is necessarily so.

The only way to protect ourselves from the sin of concupiscence, among other sins, is  to wear His righteousness. Let us hold fast to the sound doctrine of our Lord Jesus Christ, knowing and hoping that He is able to keep us unto the day of redemption when the sins of this world will no longer be a temptation.

The earthly will never save, but only that which is stretching forth to our heavenly calling of being righteous and holy. The only way to escape the corruption of the lusts of this world is to put on the divine nature (2 Pet. 1:4).

But now, after that ye have known God, or rather are known of God, how turn ye again to the weak and beggarly elements, whereunto ye desire again to be in bondage? Gal 4:9

For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.  2Ti 1:7

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  1. WOW
    This comes as a very good encouragement for me. Towards the end of last week, a Gas station attendant where I fuel my car at the end of every work shift asked if she could ask me a difficult and awkward question; right away I was certain of what the question would be… “Are you Single?” She said this right point blank and not with the usual shifting of feet on the ground. I answered with a hesitation “In all honesty I am single yes.”. Before I could express anything past that she asked me “Can I ask you another Difficult and Awkward Question?” I thought to myself, here it comes and began to chuckle as I waited for it. But to my surprise it was not what I was expecting at all she said “I don’t know how to really put it out there other than to explain….” I said okay by all means” and she continued with “I have a friend who is my co-worker whom works with me at my other part time Job, and a while ago she asked me if I knew of any Tall single guys who are single, anyways I mentioned to her that the only person I know who is tall is not really someone that I really know, and so I mentioned you to her and she wanted me to find out if you were single, and if you would be willing to meet her….”
    I laughed a bit uneasy and thought Hmmm this is something that doesn’t happen every day, and decided to venture the idea further.
    The Next evening/morning at the end of my following work shift the attendant came quickly outside as I was filling the car with fuel and she promptly handed me a Note which had a Name and a Phone number and a Big Smiley Face Drawn in Purple Writing.
    I decided to send a Text a few hours later as I was informed that she was on her way to do some work in a near by Town. After several text messages back and forth I asked if she would be willing to meet somewhere, she likes to play Pool, I LOVE Playing Pool, so it was a date, I asked when and she said she would be open later in the day. So Sunday Early evening I picked her up and we went out for a bite to eat, and afterwards went to the Pool haul and played several games of Pool, I gave her a number of Advanced Pointers and over all it was relatively a good night; however after shooting Pool I knew I was not attracted to her. She seemed nice enough, but her personality was one that would be SEVERELY Problematic to contrast mine, and getting along would become certainly an impossibility, further more she was not a Christian which Closed the door right then and there on anything outside of a friendship. I asked her if it was alright if I brought her back home and her response poised a place of temptation “Unless you want to do something else…” I asked her what she would be up for, and she asked me to show her where I lived and temptation gain some strength that I had to quickly “guard my heart”.
    After showing her my place, it was clear to me that bringing her into my space could suggest something that I did not want to be having to back peddle quickly from, so I slowly rolled by and carried on up the street. I brought her home, and she said that she had a really good time and asked if we could go out again and play pool next week, I concurred and expressed that I have not been able to play pool for a very long nor on any consistent level due to having no one that has the interest to play. “Well then if our schedules work out then next week lets get together and play some pool.” “Sounds good” I responded. I think I need to have a conversation with her, and let her know how I feel about her in regards to having a further relationship, While I would be fine to shoot Pool from time to time with her I need to make it VERY Clear that I am NOT Available for anything beyond that.
    Am I being mean, is there a simple polite way to do this, or have I tread upon territory where things are going to be complicated and somewhat hurtful on her part?
    I recognize now the Point Where I should have Had Pertinent Questions of my own in Response the Gas Attendant that first evening, which could have potentially avoided the whole thing altogether. And that WOULD Have Been Guarding my Heart. Yes I am very much a FOOL of Fools.

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