Quick or Hasty?

So why do we wait?

If the Promise is in effect.

Then why does the promise not come?

The bible says be not hasty.

Hastiness is pressing, quickening is living.

So be quick to forgive.

Quick to release your debtors and those who come against you.

Quick to receive the Word.

Quick to pray, and not judge.

Quick to hear, slow to speak.

He will even quicken us to understanding in the fear of the Lord.

Quicken His Word to us.

Quicken us in His Spirit, and to be alive.

Did you know the Greek word for Quick is “live”?

He wants us to have life.

But only by His grace.

So  be quick to put to death that which offends Him,

and He will be quick to rescue you from these trespasses against Him.

So seek, not the end of the promise.

But the fulfilling of the promise.

Which takes two.

You being quick to die.

And He being unwilling to lie.

 So the wait comes, not to press us.

But to bring us life forevermore.

To prove that He is able.

and we too, to prove that we are willing.

3 thoughts on “Quick or Hasty?

  1. Great Morning Thought for me to ponder this morning:
    “…So seek, not the end of the promise.
    But the fulfilling of the promise…”
    Thank you and Praise the Lord

  2. Yes brother, I myself am still meditating on that same thought.
    So much involved in the “fulfilling” of the promise. May we LIVE it each day.

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