When the mountains are too high,

and the valley deep.

The river wide

and over your head.

What else can you do

accept hold on tight?

To the One who is the anchor,

the Holy One,

When the water is deep,

and you are drowning.

Knowledge of the way,

is too high for me.

So I trust,

in the only One who can save me.

Rescue me from

this way of treachery.

Unless He saves,

there is no other way.

Unless He builds the house,

will the house be built?

So we wait

on Him who is worth waiting for.

Because the hope and joy set before me

 is sure and steadfast.

The promise

never void.


In the Old,

the promise of a Messiah to come was given.

So He came,

to set the captives free and the blind to see.

The promise of sinners to be made whole again,

now complete.

But then He left,

a comforter He left too.

With another promise,

a promise of return.

To take His bride,

those who waited for Him and endured to the end.

So His promise at the first,

was faithful.

Shall we forget,

and deny His plea to wait for the fulfilling of the second promise?

But fear not,

nor be fretful.

He left a Comforter,

in order to strengthen thee.

And prepare for Him.


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