Hope for those getting lost in the crowd..?

I have been thinking about our fellowship today and how easy it would be to get “lost in the crowd…”? Though we are growing, how easy is it to just keep going mindlessly…not thinking about what is most important?

Is it the fun and the games…? The new people coming in..meeting new people…What is all this for?

How do I stay in step?

After talking with a sister..I was reminded of this. How important it is to this one person that I stopped in today to talk with just her..and how it helped me too!

And this is us..doing what we as individual’s should be doing..Staying in step with what the Spirit is moving in us to do that day.. Otherwise getting “lost in the crowd” can I occur.

Though each of us are just a small portion of the body..yet so SIGNIFICANT.

Thinking of the woman who asked for “even the crumbs that fell from the table.” Though so small a “contribution” yet so important to her! What faith, Jesus said of her, to except such meager portions. And who are we to deny her of this small favor, which blessed her so…

Jesus certainly did not think this was too small a task for Him to do! And why should we?

“His thoughts said, My work is not important. Would it matter very much if a floor were left unswept or a room left untidied? Or if I forgot to put flowers for a guest, or omitted some tiny unimportant courtesy?

His Father said, Would it have mattered very much if a few people had been left without wine at a feast? But thy Lord turned water into wine for them.

And the son remembered the words, Jesus took a towel.”

– Amy Carmichael, ‘His Thoughts Said… His Father Said…’

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