When there is no other way but Through

This week I have been thinking a lot about the Israelites at the Red Sea. What was going on through their minds when the sea departed and the Pharoah’s men were behind them?  The only way out was through. However, I could imagine the fear that was on every side. Could they fully trust in the Lord? Or would this sea collapse on them when they were not through to the other side yet? The turmoil they must have felt from within. Not only the persecution of the army behind them, but also of the mind and soul threshing against them. But still their only choice was through. It also brings me hope that on the other side was REST. No more fighting, no more battles. But peace and calm. Though the way of the Lord is dangerous, it is still the safest, if seeking to live the crucified life to be then risen to glory where safety remains eternally.

We go can go through trials of many things persecuting us, because the Lord is trying to get us to this place of rest. Our Father knows what we have need of before we even ask. (Mt. 6:8)  Some times it’s by things that are chasing, or chastening, us that we learn which way to go! He knew these things were only to get the Israelites to the land of milk and honey. Because His care and love for them was great. He wanted to DELIVER them from things that were so against them.

In Daniel, we are given this verse,

Then I heard one saint speaking, and another saint said to that certain saint which spoke, How long shall be the vision concerning the daily sacrifices, and the transgression of desolation, to give both the sanctuary and the host to be trodden under foot? Dan. 8:13

They were asking, “How long will these things occur, the sanctuary and host be trodden under foot until the vision is attained?”

Yet the vision is for an “appointed time.” (Dan. 10:1) And in the mean time, there were to be many battles until attaining this vision. Until the fulfilling of this vision of milk and honey, there will be MANY battles, but the Lord is faithful to get us there if we hearken to His voice and allow Him to lead the way!

Clarke’s Commentary explains it as such “… but the warfare long; there will be many contentions and wars before these things can be accomplished.”

This also reminds me of Esther, who prevailed in the time of temptation to back away in a cowardice way. When she was faced with the decision to fear the Lord or fear the King, still the only way was Through and so she trusted the Lord. “If I perish, I perish.” For her people, she would not back down, though, again, fear was on every side.

So until we reach that vision let us press on to this hope of attainment of His holiness. Our hope is secured in Christ Jesus.

“My soul, thou hast trodden down strength,

And fearest thou now?

The noise of the whips and the rattle

Of wheels in the hurry to battle,

The thunder of Captains, the shouting,

Bewilderment, weariness, flouting–

Are these new things to thee?

The Lord thy God is a Man of War;

Verily thou hast followed afar

If thy garments have never been rolled in blood

In the place swept through by the red, red flood,

Where battles be.


My soul, art thou dreaming?

Thou hast felt the keen edge of the sword,

The thrust of the spear;

Thou hast fallen and risen,

Hast fainted, revived, and striven,

Forgetting to fear.

Thou hast trodden down strength in the battles of old,

And fearest thou now?


My soul, thou hast proved thy God,

And fearest thou now?

Behold Him, thy Light and thy Cover,

Thy Champion, Companion, Lover,

Thy Stay when the foeman oppresses,

Thy Song ‘mid a thousand distresses.

Is this all new to thee?

The Lord thy God–hath He stood aloof?

(Verily thou hast put Him to proof)

Hast thou ever, resisting along unto blood,

Betrayed, overwhelmed by the red, red flood,

Sunk shamefully?


My soul, learn to triumph;

Thou hast felt the keen edge of the sword,

The thrust of the spear;

Thou hast fallen and risen,

Hast fainted, revived and striven,

Forgetting to fear.

Thou hast trodden down strength in the battles of old;

Thou canst not fear now.”


(Amy Carmichael)

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