Persecution and the Soul-Life

There is one thing that can deliver us from the pride of the soul-life like no other.

It is when the enemy comes and attacks our soul, and when we choose to walk in His defenses rather than our own, then the cross is won.

That the victory is not our own but in the Lord.

In Ps. 7:5,

Let the enemy persecute my soul, and take it; and let him trample my life on the ground, and lay my glory in the dust. Pause.

David is saying, let my enemies persecute me and take it and destroy it. Why was he saying this? What did he know that we do not always see in the end? In the end, the self-life is laid down. David’s glory is now not his own glory. But he gives it up. He saw the end, not the beginning. He knew in this trampling of the soul and death to self, newness is made and oneness with Jesus.

In this persecution, he has no help, so he cries out unto the Lord in faith. It is by this cry that the Lord comes to His rescue and delivers his soul from his enemies, in which newness of life is reborn. So let us be glad, for only in the cross is death turned to life, and newness of life is only when we see the Lord. Crucified with Him, and risen with Him.

“Lord You give the humble grace

And their cry comes before You
The pure in heart shall see Your face
Is my heart pure before You?”

– Christ Our Life


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