The Cool, Green Mere.

(by Amy Carmichael)
I see a little cool, green mere
Like to a ruffled looking-glass;
Where lovely green lights interfere
Each with the other, and then pass
In rippled patterns to the gray
Of rocks that bar their further way.


I hear a mingled music now:
A streamlet that has much to tell,
And two sweet birds that on a bough
Nearby love one another well.
And like a flake of summer sky,
A pale blue butterfly  floats by.


A sudden sun-flash, and below,
Upon a rock of amber brown,
Bright golden sparkles come and go,
As if in their dim water-town,
Set on that lighted pedestal,
The water things held carnival.
*   *   *   *   *
The mountain wind blows in my face;
I see the water, smell the rain;
Yet I am here in mine own place
With duties thronging me again–
But the more welcome, the more dear,
Because of you, my cool, green mere.


I love this poem. During my recent trip from Missouri to Ohio to visit with family, I was reminded of it again. Here are a few ways I saw some “green meres” on my journey.

1. Hundreds of phlox along side the road, when I decided to take the “scenic route” to mom and dad’s from the interstate instead of the “quicker” way.





2. A cat that was wild, crazy, and frantic in the beginning of the car road, but then after praying, slept nearly the entire 10 hour drive.





3. An unexpected turn that began from a sigh of “this traffic is driving me crazy” to seeing a sonic only to find it 3 miles a way, but Hallelujah “this road runs along side of the road I need to be on and is free of traffic!” – He knew all long…:)


2 thoughts on “The Cool, Green Mere.

  1. Beautiful poem! And a lovely description of the blessings of your trip.

    Praying you are finding many “green meres” of rest in your time there in Ohio.

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