Count it all joy.

(I wrote this a while back…So forgive me if it’s rough around the edges! :))

Why my job working the special care unit of a nursing home is worth it all. Learning of His meekness, learning of His kindness, learning to turn the other cheek, learning to overcome!

When a resident hits, punches, pinches, or kicks you, count it all joy, this is training ground for the future. Because, there is coming a day when the persecutions will be worse. Learn to love anyways, learn to turn the other cheek, learn to look into the eyes of this resident with a face of joy and peace with love that desires to overcome, because Jesus is in you. A love that surrenders, a love that submits.

When you disagree with another, Lord what shall I do?

When a resident takes the Lord’s Name in vain over and over and you are screaming on the inside. Lord teach me to be kind. What would you do?

When the girl you are working with, is talking about her boyfriend or the not so nice things she did last week, Lord teach me to be just like You. Lord teach me to be a light in the darkness.

When you are unsure of the “Christianity” your coworkers believe in. “Is this what Babylon is??” Lord teach me to be still and listen to You.

When I grimace and ponder and think upon too often about where I am working, about perhaps I “deserve” more. Lord teach me to be like You. You came from your Heavenly home to be with me on Earth! Teach me Lord to seek to be Home with you more! Did you “hate it” when You came here? No, love drove You, because You had a “work” to do.

Yes, this is special training ground for another day.
Thank you Jesus, I love you.


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