Pressing on “unto the Prize”

(Above painting by Lilias Trotter)

“The nearer the saint comes to the perfect life, the farther he feels from it. It is only when we have climbed the foothills that we realize how lofty the mountain summits are. But there is no need for discouragement. We have eternity before us, the expanding landscape of truth is our inspiration, and the loving Spirit of God bears us upward on eagle’s wings. Our Savior had a distinct purpose in view when He apprehended us. Its full scope was only known to Him; let us strive that we may not fail to realize His ideal. We can do this best by forgetting past failures, past sins, and past successes, and pressing on toward the goal. Will not the prize be the Lord Himself? Let us always remember that God’s call is upward. This will help us when there seems collision between two duties.

Instead of judging another, let us walk together along the path of obedience. Those who leave the narrow track and still profess godliness are greater enemies to the Cross than avowed antagonists. We are citizens of the skies, who come forth to spend a few hours each day on earth. This is our inn, yonder is our true home. Thence Jesus will come to complete the work of salvation by giving us a body like His own.” – Through the Bible Day by Day Commentary by F. B Meyer,  Philippians 3:13-21

  Do not ye become like a horse, like a mule, without discernment,—With the bit and bridle of his mouth, hast thou to restrain him,—He will not come near unto thee. – Psa 32:9, Rotherham

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