Follow Your Guide

I am with you to guide you and help you. Unseen forces are controlling your destiny. Your petty fears are groundless.

What of a man walking through a glorious glade who fretted because ahead there lay a river and he might not be able to cross it, when all the time, that river was spanned by a bridge? And what if that man had a friend who knew the way – had planned it – and assured him that at no part of the journey would any unforeseen contingency arise, and that all was well?

So leave your foolish fears, and follow Me, your Guide, and determinedly refuse to consider the problems of tomorrow. My message to you is, trust, and wait.

“I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way which thou shalt go: I will guide thee with mine eye.” – Psalm 32:8

From God Calling by Two Listeners

One thought on “Follow Your Guide

  1. March 26 – Keep Step

    Go forward, glad indeed.

    Walk with Me until your faltering, flagging footsteps learn to keep in step with Me, and gain a firmness and a confidence unknown before.

    Walk with Me until a gladsome rhythm reveals the conquest-spirit that you draw from Me and your whole being thrills with the joy of being, doing, and even suffering with Me.

    Thus in loving Communion with Me you learn to know my needs and My wishes for others.

    “Hear am I, Lord, send me” shows very surely a child-like eagerness, the eagerness of love, even the eagerness for adventure for My cause

    For in My Secret Service there is surely the thrill of adventure.

    (From God at Eventide by Two Listeners)

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