Be ye straitened.

“First, He brought me here, it is by His will I am in this strait place: in that fact I will rest.

Next, He will keep me here in His love, and give me grace to behave as His child.

Then, He will make the trial a blessing, teaching me the lessons He intends me to learn, and working in me the grace He means to bestow.

Last, In His good time He can bring me out again—how and when He knows.

Let me say I am here, (1) By God’s appointment, (2) In His keeping, (3) Under His training, (4) For His time.” – Amy Carmichael, ‘Though the Mountains Shake’

It is only because of this quote that I realized the verses in the New Testament, say STRAIT not STRAIGHT. Though I may have realized it before, in my mind I was still thinking along the lines of our every day word for straight. Though the meaning of the word strait is much different!

This is Meriam-Webster’s definition for strait.

archaic : strictrigorous
archaica : narrowb : limited in space or timec : closely fitting : constrictedtight
a : causing distress : difficultb : limited as to means or resources

Which is quite different from the definition of straight! Strict and rigorous! Whoa! Is this not the road of suffering that also Christ went through? Closely fit, constricted? Does He not hem us in as the quote below also describes? So hemmed in that we cannot help but overflow with His abounding grace and love?

“Yes, “The love of Christ constraineth us.” The word is the same as that translated “pressed” in Acts xviii. 5, “straitened” in Luke xii. 50. It gives the thought of a mighty stream hemmed in by banks to narrow for it. Is that true concerning the love of Christ in our hearts? Have we opened them to that love till it has become a flood too strong for their poor limits, and must force our lives hither and thither at its will, to find outlets?” – Lilias Trotter


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