Delight in the Lord

A few days ago I was looking in the mirror.
These are my thoughts…

“Where did all that muscle come from?! what in the world??”

I felt like I fell in love with working out, and suddenly now I have all of this strength. What happened?!?! It seemed so weird for a few moments. Like overnight, this had happened. What?! I might sound vain, but I’m not trying to be! Fitness is one of my loves.

My goal in strength training was not fitness goals, or physical appearance. I simply fell in love with it. I enjoy it. You could say I take delight in it.

So I got to thinking more about it…

Serving the Lord should be like this. We fall in love with Him, and delight to do His will.

This is what David said. “Delight thyself also in the LORD” Psa_37:4

Jesus also says, “For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.” Mat_11:30

But how is this possible? I believe it’s because we delight do His will. When we love something so much we’d die for it, it’s easy. When His yoke is hard and burdensome, we have lost the love for serving Him. This is KEY to the Christian life. Keeping our first love. There are so many temptations that the devil tries to pull us into. Let us examine our hearts. Is His yoke easy? Is the burden light? Is there joy in living for Him? Are His commandments easy or a burden?

Spiritual growth derives out of this first love. We will overcome without realizing it.  Sin will no longer torment. Keeping in fellowship, keeping in step and in tune with Him, is this our delight? Then overcoming sin will be easy. And we will overcome and spiritually mature….like it was effortless.

Meditate on His love for you.

“…I was daily his delight, rejoicing always before him…”

Pr. 8:30

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