Taking Courage in His Carriage

I often think of taking courage, as “buck up and take it” kind of courage. But the other day, I was thinking and praying out loud, and instead of saying courage, the word “carriage” came to my mind.

The reason we can have courage is because of His carriage. He carries us. If we know the Lord for who He is, His strength, His love and devotion towards our good, we will have courage. When we are not having courage to do His will, it is because we are either outside of His will, or are not expecting Him to do great things and receive His blessing and goodness upon us.

When we think about how great big God is and add it to His love for us, we see the Red Sea part before our eyes.

The man cried, “I believe. Help my unbelief.” Then Jesus rebuked the evil spirit out of His son. He will do things and answer our prayers in order to help our belief in Him! Some times the answer, is what increases our faith. But “we receive not, because we ask not.” But the man asked! Therefore, he received! His cry was desperate, but he needed help in believing fully in what has seemed impossible for so many years. With Jesus all things are possible, and Jesus proved this to Him. He understands the feeling of our infirmities, therefore He understands our weaknesses in believing fully.

This is the Lord “carrying” this man. Our faith is not our own. It is given to us by Him. But we must ask, seek, knock to receive faith. Faith is by the power of His Holy Spirit.

The grace to endure to the end is impossible!  But with Him ALL things are possible! So get into His carriage, because He will give you courage!

He tells us to carry our cross (Mt. 8:34), but He also says, I will help you get through,by bearing this cross too.

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