A Prayer for the Church

Written by Charles Spurgeon

“Once more we pray that You will bless Your church. Lord, quicken the spiritual lives of Your believers. You have given to Your church great activity, for which we thank You. May that activity be supported by a corresponding inner life. Do not let us get busy here and there with Martha, and forget to sit at Your feet with Mary (Luke 10:39-42). Lord, restore to Your church the love of strong doctrine. May Your truth yet prevail. Purge out from among Your church those who would lead others away from the truth as it is in Jesus, and give back the old power and something more. Give us Pentecost–yes, many Pentecosts in one–and may we live to see Your church shine forth as clear as the sun, as fair as the moon, and as ‘terrible as an army with banners’ (Song 6:4).”

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