(rough draft of a poem)

A quiet place.
A refuge.
That is unto Thee.
Take us there.
While I be,
found in Thee.
So that,
all may be at rest in Thee.
The courage,
to rest,
to speak,
of all that is unto eternity.
My joy,
my strength,
safely abiding in Thee.
a place of rest,
for all Eternity.
A Holy intreaty,
of peace just for me,
that You have prepared
as You bid come unto me.
a call to be NEAR.
Where rest is not afar off,
but gently still and near.
Today is my day of salvation,
but what is rest,
but a day of Rest as is my salvation.
from all strife and striving.
To focus on all of He and whom He draws near.
The world is far and He is near,
to all those that wait and call upon Him.
So take a SOLACE!
In times of trouble or continual distress,
His call is still continuous,
So draw nearer,yes, nearer.

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