Conviction and True Salvation

Conviction and true salvation…Is it the same?

True salvation derives from a person that acts upon the conviction beyond law. The law does not save. And a person who sees and realizes this will automatically need a saviour. And they will wait for the “hope” of one. Israel saw their need so many years ago, and the promise was made that they should have one. They knew this was their only hope to save them from themselves.

Many confess Christianity, but do not truly know the Lord, in the way of actually taking upon them His garments, His Spirit in them, doing His will, and His yoke of salvation. (Only through the door of Christ is the right way.) Even in the Old Testament, many false prophets arose. They confessed to know God, but did not His works. They prophesied lies to the people even.

Even unsaved people have convictions, this only shows that God’s laws are written in their hearts (Rom. 2:14,15).  Only truly saved people have fully repented of their sins and put of their “old conversation”, their old life, the former works of the flesh. They have given ALL. Because they know true salvation is not in themselves but in a Saviour.

“It is one thing to be awakened but another thing to be saved. Do not rest in convictions.”

“Many men have deep wounds of conviction who are never saved.”- Robert McCheyne

2 thoughts on “Conviction and True Salvation

  1. PERFECTLY Expressed.
    The Cross of Christ!!!
    Where the shame of Law unfulfilled is banished to step through the Threshold of Eternity. It is Finished Said HE, our King
    And Sinners since have rang out in Jubilant Praise and Worship to Sing
    If the Sword be not held towards our own Minds and Hearts, then surely the Sword cannot be held out with any power of HIS unto the Lost in this World.
    Mechanical Volition aims nowhere established, but Convictions Aimed of the Holy Spirit Finds Well the Depth of HIS Marksmanship and Therein the Amazing Grace of HIS Workmanship.
    Praise the Lord

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